Need Remove Your App?

If you are the owner and developer of any app on bestappsforpc, and you don’t want to have your apps or game featured on bestappsforpc, we respect your decision. You can get your app or game removed from our site by following the instructions below: 

Email us at our official contact address: admin [at]

(Please replace [at] with “@” symbol)

As a mandatory step, you have to proceed with the proper steps like described below: 

Please send the email from the official email of the app. If the app name is “ABCD”, you need to send us the email from “”. The email also can be from the owner company that owns the app with copyrights. 

How we will remove the app?

After you send us the email, we’ll see if the request is valid, as well as if the claim is correct. If we find out that your claim is correct, we’ll take 24 to 72 hours to remove the app from our website. 

Thanking you, 


  • 03 September 2022